CAP studios

Western Lane

Client:   Private 
Location:  Battersea, London 

The images show this mid-Victorian house before and after construction of a new roof extension.  In a sensitive conservation area location, the headroom in the loft was too low for new rooms.  The problem, adding height while preserving the character of the house and area required a bold, yet finely tuned design.  We decided to raise the front wall by just a few courses, rebuild the roof at a steeper pitch and add a dormer to the rear slope.  The Council's Conservation Officer welcomed the idea before the applications for plannng permission and conservation area consent were submitted.  Nevertheless, the Council members refused it.  We advised the client to appeal and selected the Informal Hearing route.  In due course the appeal was successful.  In undertaking the construction phase, the brickwork and jointing were so carefullly matched as to be indistinguishable.  The new roof is covered in natural slate instead of the old concrete tiles and there is no sign that any alteration has taken place.  Architect: Alina Wisnicka

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  • Street view
  • Gable end before
  • Gable end after
  • Staircase 02
  • Dormer
  • bathroom