CAP studios

Howard's End

Client:   Croudace Strategic Limited 
Location:  North Stevenage, Hertfordshire 

CAP were comissioned to prepare a report considering the cultural significance of land associated with a number of ancient buildings to the north of Stevenage Old Town.  One of these was Rooks Nest, listed Grade I, the boyhood home of EM Forster and model for the setting of his most important novel, Howards End.  The report addressed issues of planning context, the acknowledged need for Stevenage to grow, the Council’s search for suitable land and ongoing dialogue with potential developers;  Factors considered were the Council’s adopted policies, its duty to pay special attention to the preservation of listed buildings and their settings, the character of conservation areas and the status of open green belt countryside bordering Stevenage.

  • Forster country
  • EM Forster
  • Rooks Nest