CAP studios

Manor house

Client:   Private 
Location:  Gloucestershire 

In this example, historic building analysis, historical research, Conservation Appraisal, design advice and negotiation with the planning authority were essential to winning permission for this project and avoiding pitfalls. Long neglect of this country house of several periods, with notable late 19th century alterations and additions by Sir Guy Dawber, required extensive repair. Enabling it to serve a modern family's lifestyle required considerable sensitivity and ingenuity. Justification for Listed Building Consent required understanding and evaluation of features.  Research and fabric analysis enabled us to prepare a drawing showing each period of building. This in turn provided the necessary evidence to distingluish between repair, works not affecting character, extensive alterations and new works requiring LBC, in order to successfully support the proposals.        

  • Garden front
  • historic development phases
  • Repair works
  • Side elevation
  • Phases of original construction
  • Roof repair